Major issues under Women Empowerment


  • 84% drop out after graduation.
  • 65% of females are literate as per census 2011.
  • Only 4.1 % women enroll themselves for engineering courses.

Economic Instability

  • Women economic participaion is just 33%.
  • Only 37% have bank account.
  • Only 13.4% have a salaried job.

Hygiene & Sanitation

  • 50% of rape happen due to open defaction.
  • 71% of girls still do not have knowledge on menstruation.
  • 20% girls completely drop out from schools.


  • The Total Fertility Rate is just 2.3.
  • Out of the total disable population 44% are women.

What GlobalHunt Foundation Is doing

Educational program

GlobalHunt Foundation is undertaking various educational programs such as remedial classes, digital learning, science labs and life skills programs so as to ensure not only their retention in schools but also provide qaulity education. These programs are able to enhance the existing learning levels of the target community.

Livelihood Creation

By generating economic opportunities and creating market linkages for women, GlobalHunt Foundation has been able to open sources of income generating activities. These income based activities has been planned keeping in mind the existing community situation, the tendency and level of enthusiam towards economic participation, the demand and supply channel and most importantly the sustainability quotient of the occupation.

Hygiene & Sanitation

Menstrual Management & Sanitation is one of the most important aspect of a woman which stiil requries efforts. Hence GlobalHunt Foundation has been rigourously undertaking menstrual management and sanitation capacity building initiatives for the rural and slum communities of India. As these communities are still dependent upon traditional methods and practices and are being forwarded to young menarches. Therefore it is imperative to impart key learning to women and adolscent girls.


GlobalHunt Foundation is enhancing existing capacities of women community towards maternal & child health, biological understanding towards reproductive system and sanitation. This is also combined with regular health check-ups and engagement with Aganwadi & Asha workers to ensure complete reachability. To further expand the initiatives under health, GlobalHunt is seeking support in creating small community level kisoks linking the beneficiaries to the district level health centres and hospitals.

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