Case Studies-Education


Govt School Student, Shimoga

P. Shiva

Government School Student, Hyderabad


I lost both my parents at the age of 5 years. Now me and my younger sister are staying with one of our relatives. We belong to a middle class family hence my uncle is not able to support our education in private school as they themselves have a daughter which goes to private school. I study very hard because I want a good future for my sister. Earlier our school didn’t had computers for us to learn or science lab to conduct science experiments. However, from past 2 years with the support of DXC Technology we are learning computers. On weekly basis, our computer teacher comes to teach us computers. From her I am able to learn new things on computers. Now I know that after my school I can go to a good college and get a better job.


My father died when I was in 3rd standard. To sustain a family of 5 members my mother started working as a vegetable seller where she earns about Rs. 200 daily. The money is not sufficient for our family hence even I go in the morning to sell vegetables with my mother to earn more money. For us learning computers, doing science experiments or reading a book is a luxury. I never thought that we would get access to these facilities in our school and I will able to learn like students of private schools. Earlier I was not sure whether I would be able to do anything beyond selling vegetables. Now I am sure that I can pursue higher studies and go to a better livelihood.


Four Students from Government High School, Thiruvallur, Chennai, Inbavel, Prashanth, Sabarish & Dinesh from 9th standard won 3rd Prize in District Level Science Exhibition chennai. This project is a eco-friendly toilent, the human waste is separated by a filter as urine and fecies, the urine is collected in glass vessel which is exposed to sunlight to remove the harmful toxins and send to the agriculture field through the pipe, the fecies are added with nitrosomonous bacteria which converts them into fertilizer and than taken out through an outlet for agriculture, the methane gas collected is send through pipe and used as natural gas for cooking purpose.