Major issues under Wash & Sanitation

Lack of Awareness & Misconceptions

  • People in rural communities often fail to acknowledge that sanitation is a problem.
  • People misconcept that open defecation improves digestion.

Lack of proper facilities

  • Lack of proper drainage systems and water facilities further refrain people from using or constructing toilets.
  • Waste disposal management system at village is still not prioritized in India.

What GlobalHunt Foundation is doing

Community Development

GlobalHunt Foundation in the area of WASH & Sanitation first begins with understanding the on-site practical problems of the community. With clear understanding we work towards community behavioural change with respect to WASH & Sanitation. This entails community trainings, school trainings, panchayat trainings etc. to bring behavioural change.

Gender Equality

Safe sanitation is vital for women empowerment and gender equality. Involving women as leaders, in water and sanitation work will ensure solutions meet the challenges women and girls face. Stigma and taboos around women and sanitation must be challenged to overcome harmful practices.

Effective Management and Mechanism Model

Individuals, government and community should see WASH & Sanitation as a long investment. Particular needs should be targeted to establish effective management and mechanism model. Hence, GlobalHunt Foundation develops a delivery chart for addressing these particular needs. We have helped communities in developing household toilets, community toilets and school toilets in addressing the issue of WASH & sanitation.

Why support us

  • We are working with most of the rural communities of India where WASH & Sanitation is a huge challenge.
  • We aim to contribute towards building a progressive nation with a population which is healthy.