Stakeholder Management

To make social projects more effective, GlobalHunt Foundation as a Consulting & Advisory organization works towards managing stakeholder through an efficient framework. This framework helps in promoting several social-economic causes within the society.

Cause Assessment

  • Review the cause, its impact on people, processes etc.
  • Prioritize the risks associated with it

Stakeholder Identification

  • Identify the stakeholders related, associated or affected by the cause.
  • Build a plan for their involvement.
  • Develop strategy or define a plan to mitigate risk.

Communication Management

  • Communicate the programme objectives & goals to all stakeholders.
  • Share the size, timelines and risks of your projects.

Planning & Learning Management

  • Plan ways to regularly interact with stakeholders.
  • Create actions to address the impact or change.

Involve and engage the stakeholders as per the defined plan

Change Management

  • Observe the change in people, process, practices, actions, thinking and awareness.
  • Note these changes .

Communicate these changes to the stakeholders