CSR Strategic Framework

Economic Responsibility

  • Consumer & Customer- Increase Profits, building strong customer and satisfied consumer relation for enhancing the brand image.
  • Employees- Engage employees to bring out their best in the workforce.
  • Market- Regulate as per market dynamics.
  • Product Innovation- Creating products that are that are environmentally, socially & economically sustainable.
  • Value & Supply Chain- Strengthening the entire value & supply chain for building holistic relations.

Ethical Responsibility

  • Human Rights- Protect all form of Human rights in their entire value and supply chain.
  • Labour Standards- Eliminate all forms of forced labour and believe in right of collective bargaining .
  • Fair Practices- Perform fair practices for all the stakeholders related with business.
  • Corporate Governance- Develop fair and ethical governance structure.
  • Anti Corruption- Work against all forms of corruption.

Statutory & Governance Compliances

  • Market Law.
  • Business Law.
  • Internal & national standards .
  • Environment & Social Law .

Social Responsibility

  • Community- Invest in community development .
  • Environment- Integrate practices in business operations that are environment friendly.
  • Culture- Respecting the cultural diversity wherever the company is operating.