Click, Conserve & Care

To mark the World Environment Day 2017 celebration the Click, Conserve and Care Contest is back to spread awareness about rising environmental concerns. This year to the online photography contest invites global citizens to share what they feel about nature, people, our practices and most importantly the habits that we need to protect, promote and introduce for safeguarding Mother Earth.

WED 2017

Every year United Nations Environment Program celebrates World Environment Day to promote diverse positive environmental action among the world to Save Planet Earth. On yearly basis, varied concerns of the world environment are brought forth and through innovative means the actions and activities that highlights their responsibility towards the Earth.

The year 2017 theme “Connecting People with Nature” demands people to think what is the importance of nature in their lives; how we are ourselves part of nature, our dependency level, and most crucially how by destroying nature we our destroying our very own existence.

To carry forward this year theme GlobalHunt Foundation in support of UNEP World Environment Day (WED) 2017 brings the Click Conserve Care- A Global Photography Project where people worldwide.

Contest Details

This section provides you with the details of the contest themes, last dates, and eligibility & selection process.

Contest Title

  • Click, Conserve and Care
  • Protecting Our Future
  • Age
  • No Bar!!
  • Nationality
  • No Bar!! We encourage worldwide budding photographers, amateurs and other environmentally conscious citizens to look around themselves with their third eye to capture, showcase and share their photographs and submit in the following themes:-

Contest Themes

Safeguarding our nature

Protecting our natural resources; marine bodies, forests, plants & animals and minerals etc.

Value our nature

Highlighting the relationship that humans share with nature and how humans are dependent upon nature for their existence and livelihood.

Eco Conservation

Traditional and modern practices concerning the management and use of natural resources.

Contest Rules

  • There are 3 themes enlisted above, each broad theme has a sub themes enlisted.
  • A contestant can capture and submit Minimum 1 and Maximum 2 photographs.
  • These 2 photographs should belong to Two Different Themes for e.g. Contestant can choose one photo from Theme I and the other he can pick any other themes from (II to III) but not Theme I.
  • Please provide your Descriptions of Photo 1 and Photo 2 accordingly.
  • All photographs should be original and with due photo credit of the submitter.
  • The Contest is open to single entry only.
  • Only jpg and png format of the photograph should be submitted.
  • The maximum size of 1 photograph should not exceed more than 3MB.

Last Date for Entries – Monday, 5th June, 2017 (11:59 p.m, IST).

The entry submission for this year has been closed.

Prize for Winners

Top 3 Winners

Top 3 Winners will be awarded with special prizes from The Himalaya Drug Company Ltd.

Top 10 selected photographs

All top 10 selected photographs will have the opportunity to showcase the submitted photographs on the publication that will be disseminated globally.

Selection Process

Our team of Sustainability Research, Design & Communications would shortlist the first 100 entries. Out of them 50 entries will be carefully screened. And a Special Jury appointed representing our partner organizations, professionals from diverse realms will select the first 10 award winners.

About The Himalaya Drug Company

We are generation of creative thinkers and entrepreneurs. While business, commerce and customer solutions is benefitting from all this ideations, our future is suffering. Green lands, lakhs, wildlife are all quickly vanishing. Conservation efforts have been activated and new ways are being explored to send messages to the common man to sensitize him to environmental issues.

Conservationists are exploring newer ways to reach out to people with viral videos, campaigns both on-ground and digital, and messages that try to strike an emotional chord. While it has brought on some awareness, social change is slower than the speed and impact of the world’s problems.

This year 3CContest “Connecting People with Nature” is GlobalHunt Foundation’s way of making people understand the importance of the ecological balance. Himalaya is happy to partner with the Foundation to advocate mindfulness of a peaceful co-existence with our precious fauna. The response has been visually captivating and we are optimistic that it will help our generation to bring creativity into conservation tool.

About GlobalHunt Foundation

The Click, Conserve and Care Contest an initiative of GlobalHunt Foundation aims to promote environmental concerns to wider audience. Through online modality the contest aims to capture the varied forms of degradation, cultural practices and conservation practices that are being held and adopted worldwide.

The Himalaya Drug Company has been the prime sponsor of the program, since its inception, and we hope that we hope that as an organization we continue to significantly contribute towards environmental conservation.